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The Central Customs Hospital is a multidisciplinary Medical institution. Departments of Outpatient clinic has been ready to provide diagnostic and treatment services to adults and children. Having opened the page of each department You can find needed information of activities and medical staff working there



Up-to-date diagnosis, examination and treatment methods of allergic diseases are carried out by specialized doctors.

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit


Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit has a capacity of 11 beds. Patients requiring post-surgery resuscitation as well as patients with various organ and joint injuries, are monitored and treated here



At this Department heart rhythm disorders are diagnosed and treated with the modern equipment.

Vascular Surgery


Diseases of the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems are diagnosed and treated using the most modern methods and in accordance with International Protocols.



Diagnostics and treatment of skin, venereal diseases and Cosmetology services are provided in this department with the most modern methods 



Detailed diagnostic examination is carried out by highly qualified doctors using the most modern diagnostic equipment.

Nephrology and Efferent Therapy


Acute and chronic kidney diseases are diagnosed and treated at the department using Hemodialysis, Plasmapheresis, Plasmasorption and Efferent therapy. For the convenience of patients there is service named “One-day-ward”. 



Endocrine diseases are examined and treated by experienced doctors on the basis of modern methods and Clinical Protocols.

Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation


Treatment according to International Standards is carried out in a comprehensive manner using the latest physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods.

Invasive and Interventional Cardiology


All invasive cardiac diagnostic and treatment procedures are performed in an operating room equipped with high-tech equipment in accordance with International Standards



Examination and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by professional cardiologists is carried out in accordance with international Clinical Protocols using modern equipment.



In addition to outpatient gastroenterological care, the most modern Endoscopic (Gastroscopic and Colonoscopy) methods of examination and treatment are used, as well



All tests are carried out in a laboratory equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment and organized according to international standards. The quality is confirmed by the International Standard ISO 15189:2012.

Obstetrics and Gynecology


In addition to the examination and treatment of gynecological diseases, prenatal care, pregnancy monitoring, all types deliveries and post-natal care provided, as well



Effective diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the central nervous system, brain, spine and peripheral nervous system are carried out using the most modern methods.



Various types of operations on the brain and spinal cord are performed in our hospital by highly qualified neurosurgeon trained abroad

Organ Transplantation


Kidney and liver transplants are successfully carried out with highly modern medical technology in accordance with the International Standards by team of professional surgical transplant specialists.



The Department of Ophthalmology has studied abroad eye doctors who provide comprehensive assistance to people who are looking for answers to questions about conditions and diseases of the eyes.

Otolaryngology (ENT) 


Therapeutic and surgical treatment of ear, throat and nose diseases is successfully carried out by specialists trained abroad.



Histological, immunohistochemical, histochemical, immunofluorescent and rare pathomorphological diagnostic studies are carried out for diagnosis of benign and neoplastic pathologies.



The Neonatal and the Children’s Outpatient Clinic Units provide all types of services from standard examination and treatment to resuscitation, intensive care, secondary care and therapy.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Various types of Aesthetic and Reconstructive operations are performed by highly qualified specialists in operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment. 



Various diagnostic and treatment invasive interventions are carried out by experienced radiologists trained abroad in a department equipped with all kinds of the most modern digital diagnostic equipment.



Dental treatment, prophylaxis and implant surgery are performed by professional dentists with sedation technique. 



The therapeutic examination and treatment of the patient is carried out individually on the basis of family principles.



Emergency team with Board-certified emergency medicine physicians and nurses provide emergent and urgent care to patients 24/7

Traumatology and Orthopedics


All types of diagnostic and treatment methods in Traumatology and Orthopedics are used by professional doctors trained abroad, in accordance with International Clinical protocols.

General Surgery


All types of laparoscopic and open Surgical interventions with the latest medical technologies are performed by highly qualified surgeons.

Cardiovascular Surgery


In operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, all types of Cardiovascular surgery are successfully performed by experienced, internationally trained cardiac surgeons.



Experienced urologists handle all urological diseases, including urinary tract, groin diseases, kidney stones with laser technology and surgery.

Pediatric Surgery


The surgical treatment of children's diseases is carried out by foreign-trained professional surgeons in operating theatres equipped with the latest equipment and tools. 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Examination and treatment of injuries to the maxillofacial area, Reconstructive surgery in this area is performed by foreign-trained professional surgeons.